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Loft Ladders


There are many manufacturers of loft ladders in the UK and Europe and we rate their products on four key factors. SAFETY, DURABILITY, USEABILITY & VALUE FOR MONEY. This results in a range of ladders from a number of different suppliers that we consider to be of the finest quality available. Because of our bulk purchasing policy we can remain competitive and share the savings with our customers.

Rockwool Insulation


Whether you require full insulation or merely a top-up, we can advise on the current recomendations in your area. Our fitters can inspect and install accordingly. Properly insulated homes significantly reduce your heating bills and improve your HIP rating.

Rafter Insulation


To eradicate dust and drafts in your loft space, we offer a lining and batten system. This consists of thick Thinsulux insulation sheeting battened onto the roof interior ensuring a permanently clean and highly insulated environment. Our fitters will place battens over the Thinsulux sheeting and fix it onto your original rafters which wil in turn secure the sheeting in place and allow for plasterboarding of the roof space if required at a later date.



Loft Flooring


We supply and install the highest quality, treated chipboard flooring. Each sheet is 18mm thick and tongue and grooved on all 4 sides ensuring a strong continuous floor space without gaps.



Loft Lighting


We supply and install loft lights with a switch conveniently placed next to your hatch opening.


Examples include standard pendant lights and 4ft L.E.D strip lights.




Hatch Door


At an additional cost to our ladder installations we can include the conversion of your existing hatch panel into a neat, swing down door, together with a catch that is compatible with the ladder pole. However, on the rare occasion that your current door is unsuitable, our fitters can replace it with a new, smooth finished MDF hinged door or a new UPVC hinged and insulated hatch unit.



Hatch Alterations


Our fitters can enlarge your existing hatch opening or create an entirely new opening elsewhere. All our fitters have the necessary expertise to safely remove ceiling joists thus ensuring the integrity of the roof is not compromised


Hatch Balustrade


Our fitters can custom build a loft safety balustrade around your hatch opening from sturdy CLS timber ensuring a safer descent from the loft space.


Roof Windows


We supply and install a wide variety of centre pivot and top opening roof windows. All factory made sizes and styles available.



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