Frequently asked questions

Your prices seem cheaper than elsewhere, is that any indication of quality?


Absolutely not! We select our product range according to quality not cost. However, because we are able to buy in high enough quantities we are able to keep the unit costs to a minimum, which we then pass on to our customers.


Can you guarantee your prices to be the lowest I will find?


Not necessarily. We do not supply cheap DIY loft ladders that we consider unsafe or non durable under any circumstances. However, we do offer a price pledge so in the unlikely event that you do find a cheaper quote like for like, we’ll endeavor to beat it.


Will there be any mess once the fitters have left my home?


Not at all, every fitter carries adequate dust sheets to make sure your home is fully protected. Once the work has been completed, the fitters will clear up any stray debris.


How long will the work take to complete?


That depends; generally most ladders take between one and two hours to install. Package deals take between half a day and a full day. Luxury storage rooms normally take around five days.


What is your lead time?


Different areas are busier than others; however, we will try our upmost to get to you within a week or two of booking, sometimes sooner.


Are there any incentives offered if I recommend you to others?


Yes, we offer the choice of a number of different incentives; please ask one of our representatives for details.

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